Friday, August 14, 2009

The World's Best Presentation Contest 2009

Yes, "The World's Best Presentation Contest 2009" is back on SlideShare and I took up the challenge with this presentation.
So, what would you do when you face a problem in your relationship? I try to find out where I have gone wrong to get myself to that stage. Sometimes it take a lot of research before I can find the answer for a solution.

Here is a swirl in my life I would like to share. I hope that you will take a leaf from my experience and research and not wait till you are swirling in whirlpools. I will be very happy to know that I have saved at least one relationship. And remember that if you work on building up a strong family foundation you are actually helping the environment.

Want to know how that could be? I have that covered on another blog at GreenBeingNancy.

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