Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A robbery You cannot Expect - Something to Share

I did not verify if this story is true but the useful tips shared in this email should be taken seriously.

From My InBox:

Dear All

My wife was robbed Wed morning 06:50am 16th Sept 09 right outside my home. When she came out of my compound ( auto gate ), 4 men in police uniforms ( three with yellow vests with words POLIS on it arrived in a PROTON WIRA

One ' officer ' knock ' on the driver's window and ask for licence. Not suspecting anything, she opens the window.
Suddenly the officer grabs my wife's neck while another 'officer' grabs the car key. Another tries to open the back
passsenger door behind the driver but it was locked

Instinctively, my wife tries to open the door and get out...There was a struggle and my wife managed to get out of the car..

The officer who tries to open the back passenger door tries to grab my wife and push her into the Proton Wira. My wife put up a strong struggle and was punched When she fell, she was kicked (which we later found broke one of her ribs )

What happens above is not important - what is important I wish you all consider some safety steps to be taken

What is lost is replaceable BUT the TRAUMA is terrible....

Ladies please be alert and excercise more care For men please tell your wife / girlfriends / mums etc
- Not all uniformed police are police
- most newer cars have auto buttons ( for driver and front passenger windows ). That is when you pressed the button it automatically opens the window completely. This gives the attacker room /space to extend his hand in and grab you by the neck. If you have such windows ( manual hand lever is more safer now ), start learning / practice how to control the window to open the gap
you required. Open enough to speak. Don't open too much Think about it - safety is more important
- lock all doors immediately after you get into the car
- if you have to stop for police inspection, always stop such that nothing is blocking your front - in case you need to escape by driving forward
- do not change your gear to PARK / FREE until you are sure it is really the polis
- If possible park in your yard by reversing in - this will give you a better view infront when you come out of the house

Friends if you have any other tips it is very much welcomed

We were told by the inspector that this ia a new trend of using polis uniforms and is very serious.

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