Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ladies, beware when you are at shopping complex's toilet

Story not verified but better safe than sorry.

From My InBox:

Dear ladies

beware of the latest tactic of bag-snatch.

Last Wednesday 21.07.10 @ I 8.15 p.m, I was at Berjaya Times Square toilet.

Someone quietly walked in  & I thought it was my daughter trying to frighten me. I was expecting my daughter to put her foot thru under the door but what I saw was a man's shoe.

Immediately he jumped up & tried to grab something from the "hanger" on my door. I screamed out of fear as I suddenly saw a pair of black hands reaching in (Indian man)  & he left. When the security guards came, he was gone. The guard told me that on the same day afternoon a lady lost her bag that way.  (I didnt loose my bag coz I did not hang it on the hook)

My neighbor told me that 2 weeks ago, a malay lady's bag was snatched by a man who followed her into the Ladies toilet.

pls beware when you are alone in the toilet & do not hang your bag on the hook of the toilet door.

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