Sunday, June 26, 2011

Message for Adultrers

I received this email recently...

Thought for the day
A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke.
All laughed like crazy. After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.
He cracked the same joke again & again, when there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled and said

"When you can't laugh on the same joke again & again, then why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again.

...and I am inspired to reply to this Wseman because during a talk I did for single mothers, one asked, "Move on? Which direction should I go?"

The idea is for friends to send such message to people they know have been cheating on their spouses so that the adulterers will know how painful it is.  Will that stop infidelity?  I don't know but we can try.

Message for Adultrers:

Dear Wiseman

Forget the past & move on? 
When left high and dry, all by myself
which direction should I start from?
I cry in confusion.

Tears flow down my wrinkles
I cry for lost youth
time for building up a career
but I opt for love...
To start a family.

Struggling to make his way
I was the woman behind him
I cry for my lost in status
my right to stand by his side
to bask in the glory
This should be OUR success
I cry.

I cry for all the lies he said
his gifts of guilty conscience
keeping me in the dark
I cry for trusting too much...

I cry thinking about his infidelity
wondering why friends kept his secrets
why are they helping him?
I cry for knowing too late
It’s now his addiction
the excitement
sex outside marriage!

I cry thinking about our children
I am falling into depression
I can’t be a good mother now
should I leave? 
I cry just wondering…

A broken family?
Wondering about the effects
Will they hate me?
How will they manage?
I cry knowing
they will be hurt the most!
I cry all alone
acting the "happy family"
knowing day by day
hurting every minute
as he has his way
with me and the others
knowing I know...

What can I do?
the love is not over
I can only cry
and keep crying
over the same thing
over and over again
Till the feelings gone?
Maybe till I am gone
I will keep crying...

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