Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mongolian song, "Mother in the Dream"

Do you know what it feels like to love someone who is no longer around?  Let Uudam, a 12-year-old Mongolian boy, express this feeling in a Mongolian song, "Mother in the Dream", which he sang at "China Got Talent".

Love your parents when they are still around to love and care for you.

For those who do not understand Mandarin, following is a rough translation forwarded by my friend:

This is a Mongolian boy. 
When is his ambition?  To invent a kind of ink that with one drop, it will turn the world into grassland.
When asked what he wants to performed, he said, sing.  
What song?  A dream about mother.
Where's your mum?  She is in heaven. 
What about your father?  He is also in heaven.
Then he sings.
The lady judge said I will represent all the mothers of the world and give you a hug.
The male judge said that when he appears, he is like a prince and everything went silence.
The lady judge asked him to say something to his mother, and he said:  "Mum, I always think of you."

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