Monday, October 29, 2012

Believe in "The Power of We"

Remember to watch what you say because once its out, you just can't take it back.  

That's Mitt Romney's mistake when he tried to impress women voters during the US 2012 presidential election.  During a debate he talked about "going to a number of women's groups" in his efforts to find female candidates "to pull together a cabinet" and what he received from them was "binders full of women".

See how some Americans are relating to binders being sold at  This is what the Power of We is all about.  

From My InBox:

Pretty funny stuff.  Forward to every woman you know.  Especially those who plan to vote for Mitt, because, you know, he really respects them. 

A play on Romney's comment during the recent debate about having "binders full of women."  Amazon must be getting more traffic this week than ever.

Everybody contributes in their own way to the political discussion.  I hope most of these 900+ reviewers also do something more concrete, like get on the phones, drive people to the polls or at least donate.

Yes, I do what I preached and shortened following link to

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