Thursday, January 21, 2010

My SlideShare Space Reaction

Have I been wasting my time creating and uploading slideshows on the net? According to Slideshare's quick summary, in 2009, I have uploaded 17 presentations and got:

* 786.06 average views per presentation
* 43 favorites

Though I did not win the "Tell a Story" contest, my submission "I Am An Investor" turns out to be my most popular presentation.

My creations keep me engaged creatively and gave me was a sense of well being. I guess if strangers can appreciate my work, my children will too when they are much older to understand. After all my objective to creating these shows is to lead them on the right path of living.

It would be a bonus if other than making new friends on the net, I could also win some $. So, please vote for me the next time I share my submission, OK?

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