Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bank Rakyat Credit Card Scam

Note this crime alert. This message is from someone I know personally.

From My InBox:

Dear All,

I myself just received a call this morning purported from someone who is from the Bank Rakyat Credit Card Centre by the name of Jimmy Leong who said that I have a credit card which I ask to increase my credit limit. I was surprise because I do not have any credit card from Bank Rakyat. I told him that I do not own any card from Bank Rakyat and he acted quite surprise and I ask him to double confirm my name and he confirm it as my name according to my IC. He told me that transaction amounting to RM9750.00 were use from this card in China in April and incidentally I went to China in April. He even leave me a purported Bank Rakyat number which is for me to contact them as 03-26988899 extension 1106 which is suppose to be the Card Centre.

I further enquire on the date and address this card was applied and it was in an address in Miri Sarawak and I told him that I have not been to Miri before and the address sound alien to me and I really thought someone might have use my IC to apply for a Credit card.

Now what happen next is very interesting, he tole he he had stopped and cancelled the card immediately and ask that I made a report to Bank Negara and he even gave me the Bank Negara phone number as 03-27826822 and ask that I report to Bank Negara and get a letter from them to waive this RM9750.00.

I called this so call Bank Negara number and the greeting sound exactly like Bank Negara Greeting with " Terima Kasih kerana memangil Bank Negara Malaysia, untuk Bahasa Malaysia sila tekan 1, for English Press 2.........." Someone pick up and ask for my name and phone number and said that they need to record that conversation and they would call me back on the phone number I have given to them, but so far no one called me.

I began to feel uneasy waiting for Bank Negara to call me and I call back this Bank Rakyat and no one pick up from that number. My wife went on the internet and found another Bank Rakyat number and it is not the same number from what was given and I called to verify that that was not their number and they also verify that Bank Negara number is not that number given and they said that it might be a scam and only that moment it appears to me that it was a scam.

I call up Bank Negara and the officer told me that they have received a lot a this complain from Bank Rakyat and even using other names such as Am Bank etc. and this is a scam and the Modus Operanti is that they will call my number again to ask for my bank infor or my card info and even ask you to change your Pin number and immediately you change the number all your money in your bank would be gone, accordingly so far the highest lost is from one individual amounting to RM250,000.00. The officer ask me to pass this information around so that we will not give our information out to these people.

SO watch out and they might call you someday and it happen to me here in SL today and it can also happen to you too.

So beware and be warned, they sound very real and convincing !!

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