Friday, April 15, 2011

Get that pay increment!

No, I don't know how you can get your pay increased but this joke may inspire you some...?

From My InBox:

Our maid asked for a pay increase.

My wife was very upset about this and decided to talk to her about the raise.
They had a conversation to this effect, in private.

She asked: 'Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase?'

Maria: 'Well, Mom, there are three reasons why I want an increase.

The first is that I iron better than you.'

Wife: 'Who said you iron better than me?'
Maria: 'Sir said so.'
Wife: 'Oh.'

Maria: 'The second reason is that I am a better cook than you.'
Wife: 'Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?'
Maria: 'Sir did.'

Wife: 'Oh.'

Maria: 'My third reason is that I am a better lover than you.'
Wife: (really furious now) 'Did my husband say that as well?'

Maria: 'No Mom ...the driver did.'

Wife: 'So how much do you want?'

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