Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping? Go find coupons.

I just discovered from shopping at Giant that the staff there don't usually highlight the promotions going on in the supermarket.

If you check out newspaper like "The Star", you can find many promotional ads there.  Through one of these ads I managed to buy Family Choice 3 litre size Canola Oil for RM15.99 and it comes with a free 1 litre bottle of the same oil valued at RM9.99 but that is not noted at the rack where they were displayed. 

Before the cashier key in the price, you have to highlight to them about the free gift so that she can key in a minus (-) amount for the free gift.  If you don't you are not going to get it.  When I showed the receipt to the customer service personnel, I was told that they ran out of the 1 litre size and was requested to leave my contact behind so that they can call me when the stock arrives.

Don't get cheated out of a good saving when shopping.  Check out newspaper or websites of the stores you intend to shop at to see if there are any promotions going on.  This is the link where you can find promotional items at Giant:  

If you look at the promotion for the same oil at the following link, you get a packet of Bird of Paradise rice valued at RM6 but you will have to pay RM16.99 for it:

If you like to shop online, then you should check out RetailMeNot at the following link:

Key in what you are interested to buy online to see if there are any discount coupon for the same.  If you are too lazy to read what it is about, just watch the video.

Happy saving.

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