Monday, July 23, 2012

Easy Car Theft_Remote control

Please note that the information shared about a device that can remotely prevent you from locking your car is true. ========================================================= From My InBox: Hi It happens to me as well in Jaya Jusco IOI mall twice. I also thought my remote batt is flat. I went round n round my car trying to press remote, luckily after few minutes it locks. When i went 2nd time, i park same place, also cant lock..thn i change another parking place..remote seems ok again. You are right, i think someone has a device on remotes. The parking place is outside near Jusco entrance (nr secret recipe), next to ioi members parking. Please dont park there! Scary... > Hi, > > I think I almost became a victim of this last night. Had dinner with my > friends at one of the restaurant near Kayu in SS2 (formerly Cheow Yang). > After dinner, I unlocked the car to put some stuffs in the back. Then I > don't seem to be able to lock the car again. It was like the remote > batteries were totally flat. No signals at all. My remote doesn't have a > light so I couldn't tell if the batteries are weak or flat. It just didn't > work. All of a sudden for no reason, the remote just doesn't work. > Then my friends decided we will just pop over to Kayu for a drink. Since it > was almost the other end of the block, I decided to drive over and park > nearer to Kayu. Thank goodness I did that. When I got down at Kayu the > remote worked fine again. No problem. So, now with this email which I just > received, I think it was highly possible that such a device is being used on > my car last night. > If you all ever encounter such situation with your car remote, just drive > off and re-park somewhere else and see if the remote can work again or not. > Best Regards, > Car Theft > PLEASED BE INFORMED > > Friends and colleagues, Last week, my wife's car got stolen in a very busy > place near Jaya Jusco in Mahkota Cheras. This episode is something worth > sharing so that we can reduce the chance of having our cars stolen. After > parking her car on the roadside outside Jusco, she found that she was unable > to lock the car with the car remote, so she thought the remote battery is > flat,and proceeded to lock the car manually.She then went to buy some > groceries and about 30 min later when she returned to the spot where she > parked her car, it was missing. Later at the police station and insurance > agency, she was told that some car theft syndicates can use an electronic > device to 'clip' the car remote's frequency when she used it to lock the > car. The side effect of the 'clipping' operation is that the user will be > unable to lock the car with the remote. Once they have the frequency, they > were able to steal the car once you are out of range. Lesson learnt - next > time when you are unable to lock your car with the remote, chances are high > that someone nearby is already targeting your car - do not park there > anymore, just drive away.

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