Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enemies? Gain by saving them.

Learn from 13 years old, Richard Turere, that you don't have to kill your enemies in order to survive.

Richard lives on a farm in Kenya and fear for his life and that of his father's livestock of lambs and cattles, when he started helping his father at the age of nine.  The farm is not fenced and lions would could easily move in to attack their livestock.

He realized that the lions are afraid of movements and came up with the idea of installing flashing light bulbs around the perimeter of the farm.  The idea works and other farmers started installing his "Lion Lights" instead of killing them.  All it needed to save the lions was five flashlight bulbs, a car battery and a solar panel.

This solution is good for the Nairobi National Park.  Had the rate of wild life kept declining as they are viewed as predators and killed by the local farmers, there will not be any wild animals left to draw tourists to view them in its natural habitat at the park.

The Brookhouse International School was so impressed by Richard's effort that they offered him a scholarship to study there.  With this education, Richard's dream of becoming an aircraft engineer one day is now possible.

Sometimes bad things happen so good things will be created and Richard believes that God guided him in this direction.  So, love thy enemy instead of hating them and see what gives.

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