Thursday, January 28, 2016

Storage for your crafting tools and materials

Are you looking for ways to store your crafting tools and material?  Instead of finding them at craft stores, maybe you should check out what you already have in your kitchen.  Are there any condiments caddies that you can make use of if you no longer need them in your kitchen?

As I used lots of bead in my jewellery making hobby I use a rotating spice rack that comes with bottles to store my beads and head pins.  I like it that the bottle is clear so that I can see what is stored in it.  It is neat and does not take up too much space on my working table.

Here are some examples I found online that you can consider using.

This is a coffee storage carousel for K-Cup Pods to consider using if you already have bottles like the ones above for spice, large enough to slot them in.  There are also models available that can rotate.

This is meant for storing what you need for making coffee.  I use knitting needles and rods to roll my wires, so, I could use the space for storing cups to keep them.  I will have to put a container inside the slot to hold them neatly together.

I think it is good to be able to see what you use in your projects.  You would not want to be caught in a bout of inspiration to discover that you are short of the material you need to complete your work.

Here is another see through example that I like.  Since there is a cover, I will be able to carry it around with me.  I like it that the space meant for storing ice can be used to hold my tools.  The five containers are removable.  So, if I buy more than a unit, I should be able to interchange containers of beads that I need for my current project.

How do you store your craft tools and materials?

The products that I share here can be purchased from Amazon.

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