Thursday, April 23, 2009


An opportunity for senior citizens in Selangor to reduce the burden of bearing escalating funeral expenses by their descendants by registering for "“Mesra Usia Emas’’ fund.

Procedures can be read off Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman, Edward Lee's blog.

Read on the same subject in Bahasa on eHomemakers where they also provide link to copy of the form.
From My InBox:

Let's not miss this piece of news. For families with senior members
above 60 yrs old, they are entitled to apply for the fund. Terms and
1. person must be 60 yrs old and above.
2. must be born in selangor or KL before 1 Feb 1974
3. must reside in selangor for at least 15 years

For more detail, check with your local state assemblyman or call
03-5544 5578/ 03-5544 5579.

Pls keep this community updated on the matter from time to time.

Read the story in full here -

The Star Online > Central
Tuesday November 11, 2008

Programme for senior citizens

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