Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traveling? Check out

Have you heard of It's a travel site with its base in Singapore.

It is a solution to my holiday headache. I no longer have to spend so much time searching the web for a hotel with a good enough rate to take up. I just click on link to the country I am traveling to and I will find a long list of hotels to pick from. So making last minute reservation for hotel rooms is no longer a problem and there are currently hotels from 17 countries on their listing.

And if you are someone who loves to travel but have to put your holiday plans on hold because you have not saved enough for the trip, it's time to start blogging if you have not done so.

That way you can join affiliate program to earn some commission.

And don't keep this opportunity to yourself., will reward you for inviting other sites to join their affiliat program.

So, bloggers, what are you waiting start clicking to get your own affiliate code. If you have to spend some traveling, try to earn some to cover cost at

Good luck.

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