Thursday, March 12, 2009


From My InBox:

We (3 UTAR students) waited for bus since late 7 evening at the bus
stop for bus number U41 Rapid KL beside Times Square. There are many
people there mostly consist of malays. The bus came at around 8.45pm
bus it was too packed. So we waited for another round. Until 9.50pm
the bus has not arrived. A young malay boy suddenly talk to us like
wanted to quarrel, so my
friend (boy) ignore him. That malay boy tap my friend’s shoulder, and
after that my friend were being punched in the eye and dragged to the
back of the bus stop and continuously beaten by at least 3 malay young
men. I called for help but all the malays (around 30) stood by,
everybody thought it was just normal fighting. Until they have beaten
my friend for around 3 minutes, all
of them ran away. My friend then only told us that they had taken his
mobile phone in his pocket. My bag was carried by him was taken too.
Inside consist of a camera(Sony T-100, forgot to report), wallet
including Identification Card, car and motor license, credit card, atm
card, UTAR student card and about RM 20 cash inside.

We had made a police report number THSL/007777/09 at Dang Wangi police
station around 10.49pm. After that we sent our friend to Selayang
Hospital for his injury.

After we analyze the whole incident, we realize that, the fighting was
being purposely created in order to create a chaos situation where
they can take advantage of it to steal and rob our longings. This is
because, we did not do anything to stir them up but they act it as if
both parties were meant to fight. In between the beating, they took
our belongings without us(all the witness of the situation) realizing
at all. Until they have ran away, only
we know what is really happening.

I have heard that many cases have already happened there with the same
tactic. But it is still happening. As a UTARian, Sg Long campus
student, that bus stop is the only way for us to take bus back from
that area. It is very dangerous for us and thus, I hope that the media
can perform their role for the society since the authority did not
manage to stop this from happening again and again. I also hope that
the authority can take these cases more seriously since it has already
happened many times and that place is tourism hotspot. I believe that
Malaysians will hope to give tourist a good impression about Malaysia
especially on the safety side. I hope to warn all people to be aware
of the tactics these people are using and avoid becoming the next

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