Sunday, March 8, 2009


You can't take for granted that your mother will help you out with the kids anymore, no matter how precious they are to her. My mother's complained that my children are too noisy. They sometimes fight over the remote control and disrupt her TV programme routine.


From My InBox:

Hello - this is Sadie, I'm not at home right now but should you wish to
leave a message, you may do so now. If you are one of my children - press 1

If you want me to babysit - press 2

If your car is dead in the garage and you need to use mine - press 3

If you're baking, need an ingredient and I must rush out and get it for
you - press 4

If I need to take the grandkids to school/nursery
school/soccer/cricket/ballet/kindermusiek/swimming lessons/Little
Champs/Playball - press 5

If I have to pick up the grandkids from school/nursery
school/soccer/cricket/ballet/kindermusiek/swimming lessons/Little
Champs/Playball/ -press 6

If you're at a meeting and you won't make it home in time so I must take the
kids to the dentist /orthodontist /speech therapist/accelerated learning
program/child psychologist/extra maths - press 7

If you want the kids to sleep over even though it's my bridge night - press

If you are one of my friends....What are you thinking? Who has time to talk
to you???

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