Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Bad Wolf at Big Bad Wolf Sales

Be wary of a guy standing near the entrance of Big Bad Wolf Sales.

He will pass you a form to fill in your personal particulars for a lucky draw.  Then you will get a call the following day to inform you that you are a winner and your family will receive a boat ride and free dinner at Palace of Golden Horses.

It turned out to be a ruse to get you there to listen to their talk so that you can take up membership plan for their health and / or vacation club.

So, if you have also been tricked into attending "Palace of Golden Horses" talks with free dinner and boat ride, please write to the organiser of Big Bad Wolf Sales at the following email address to file your complain and put an end to this:

This is the message we wrote to the organiser:

We attended your Big Bad Wolf Sales and was approached by a guy standing near the entrance.

He passed us a form to fill in our personal particulars for a lucky draw.  As we thought that it was organised by your company, we went ahead and fill in the details.

My husband received a call the following day to inform him that he is one of the winners from Big Bad Wolf Sales.  He was informed that he and his family members are invited for a boat ride and free dinner at Palace of Golden Horses at 7.00pm on 19 December, 2012.

On the day of the event, possibly to ensure that we will turn up, he was given a code # and informed that he will also receive free hotel stay of his choice, at a number of states mentioned.

When we arrived, we were informed that we have to attend their talk on health club membership before we proceed to another talk on vacation club membership.  That will take about an hour before we could have our "dinner".

As it turned out to be a ruse to get us there for the talks, we complaint to the staff manning the vacation club and was informed that it has nothing to do with them as the invitation was carried out by a telemarketing department headed by Manager, Balan (0123020543).  We were also informed that the "dinner" mentioned was just "refreshment".

We refused to attend both talks organised and we left.  We had to pay RM6 for parking as the staff there refused to allow us free parking even though they agreed that we have been tricked into attending their events.

I am sure that we are not the only "Big Bad Wolf Sales" customers who have been tricked by them.  I hope that your company will look into this issue and not let a happy shopping experience at "Big Bad Wolf Sales" end in such a bad taste.


Google "Mines Palace of Golden Horses scam" and read complaints posted by others tricked into attending health and vacation club membership organised by "Palace of Golden Horses".

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