Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looking through a window...

I tested this with the addresses of a shop in Victoria, Australia and one in Oregon, USA and it works!

If this works for you too, you won't have to miss your friends or relatives, who live overseas, as you can take a peek at the environment they live in.

I think that this is also a great way to find out if the address someone gives you does exit.  What do you think?

From My InBox:

This is quite astonishing. How "they" do it is mind boggling. Makes you wonder what is happening that we don't know about. The picture of your house (as in Google maps) may not be its best aspect, but how "they" are able to get it up so quickly is astonishing!! The originators of this is a group called Pusher. Pusher is a digital creative agency with offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Just type in your address or any family/friend's addresses and look through the window at the snow falling on your home today.  

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