Sunday, June 23, 2013

Health Precautionary Measures Against Haze

How bad is haze in Singapore?  My cousin felt giddy from it, fell and hurt herself.

Though it has been reported that there has been an improvement in air quality in Singapore since Saturday night, condition of haze in Malaysia has worsened, with Negeri Sembilan been worst hit with the current Air Pollutant Index (API) reading of 335 reported by the Department of Environment.

Following is an advise from someone working in the National Environment Agency in Singapore

From My InBox:

"This is from my fren:
My friend works for NEA and here's what she advises: Hi all, pls make sure that u keep all windows shut at all times n bathroom doors too. Wat u breathe in gets lodged deep in ur lungs n can't get out. It's the PM2.5 particulate matter that's dangerous

Make sure u cover your nose when outdoors
Seems last night psi was actually 462 and not 300+ as reported. Pls wear mask!"
Forwarded -Please bring a huge umbrella out today.. and avoid rain water at all cost... government is planning to seed the clouds to rain and according to my chemist friend, the rain water is harmful to human skin. So if u see rain falling.. stay indoor and dun rain dance arnd... 


Nancy Poh said...

My friend from Singapore shared this message:

For a more accurate and better indication of the pollution index in Spore, go to the following website and see for yourself. Check up the PM 2.5 instead of the PM 10. This website gives you real-time reading. The PM 2.5 is more accurate.

Nancy Poh said...

From the link shared by my friend, you will find following link to "Asia Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)".

Type in the search box "Malaysia" and you will be able to check out the air quality of the district you are in.