Thursday, July 25, 2013

Treatment for joint and stomach pain

I received the following slide presentation today.

痛風救星請多 多宣傳 功德

Since it is in Mandarin and I could not read to understand what it is fully about, I did a search and discovered the same slide posted on YouTube with the following information:

Extracted: "I received these slides from Steffi Lee this morning, looks very promising. Drink 3 fresh coconut water every day for 3 weeks and the gout will be healed - you can eat anything! Also, drink Chinese tea make inside a green papaya will also heal stomach problems - Healed! Story in Cantonese sound track - 'Wisdoms Big and Small' by Vicky Tong."

Dr James Wong who shared it has included a moral story in Cantonese which is not related to the subject.

My search continues and I discovered a link to Hoax or Fact which verified it to be a fact that drinking tea brewed in water boiled with papaya is an effective treatment for gout, when taken frequently.

Here is the improved formula by Professor Lai from the China School of Pharmacy to stop joint pain found from the source of this information:


1) Cut green papaya into small cubes
2) place into the water
3) bring to boil
4) add tea leaves to hot water to brew.

Here is another method used by Mr. Liu Qing, the Chief of the Rende Town in Tainan, who use green papaya as a tea pot to brew the tea.

1) Select green papaya which are short but broader for larger capacity to hold tea.
2) Cut off the top part of the papaya to create at "teapot" cover and make a small ventilation hole on it.
3) Make a small opening at the top of the papaya.
4) Clear away the seeds.
5) Put in the tea leaves and pour in boiling water.
6) Place the "teapot" cover back on top of the papaya.
7) Use toothpicks to secure it on the papaya.
8) Allow tea to brew.

Mr Liu prefers the taste of Oolong tea in his green papaya "teapot" and was pleasantly surprised that the stomach pain he had suffered for many years was healed after a month of consumption.

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