Monday, August 25, 2008


One day Ah Pek invited a Ah Beng to his house for a meal. Upon the
self-important visiting Ah Beng’s arrival at Ah Pek’s house, the he
(Ah Beng) knocked and knocked. No answer, so he looked through the
windows but saw no-one. Ah Beng waited, and as he waited, he became
angrier and angrier. “Why, doesn’t Ah Pek know that I am coming?” ,
“Who does he think he is to keep me waiting”, Ah Beng thundered as he
stomped around Ah Pek’s courtyard.

Finally, he became so angry he grabbed a pencil and scribbled on his
doorway, “IDIOT!”

Well, around about 2 o’clock, Ah Pek returned home and suddenly
remembered! He ran back to the marketplace shouting for Ah Beng when
he spotted him shortly.“Oh, I am so sorry, please forgive me, I
remembered our appointment when I saw your name written on my door.”

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