Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parents' Guide to Video Games

Do you have children born, roughly, between 1980 and 1994? If you do, remember that they are of the Generation Y, digital age group.

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So, you definitely need to read the "Parents' Guide to Video Games" posted on "Focus on the Family".

Start reading about it now! Don't wait till one of your children started complaining of headaches and body aches, like I did. Learn to look out for the 8 signs of addiction before the medical bills start mounting.

Learn about video games ratings to choose appropriate ones for them or find out what they are playing. Check out the consequences you have to face if you do not set up safeguards before the addiction sets in.

Though there are benefits playing video games, it is noted by the writers, by Vicki Caruana, Chris Caruana and Olivia Bruner, that these can be achieved through other, more productive activities.

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