Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are you an animal lover cum murderer?

There are many people who love animals even though they do not keep them at home as their pets. These lovers are likely to leave their leftovers usually in their backyard so that strays in their neighbourhood will not go without food. What they are not aware of is that they are causing more harm to these strays and the environment.

How you do spot where these "kind" souls live? Just take a walk in your backyard or neighbourhood, sniff and look out for these signs.

Can you imagine how much bacteria have accumulated in this spot?

It is obvious that there is lots of poo and pee activities in this area.

These are dried up droppings on a ledge right under one of my neighbour's kitchen window. I wonder how she could tolerate the stench while she is cooking? I can smell it too even though I am a door away.

I used to take my children out for walks along the back lane of my house. They were expeditions to collect ferns and plants growing out from the walls of the drains behind the house. As you can see it is no longer safe to do that.

If you spot your neighbours being kind again, please do strays a favour by showing them this slideshow.

If you love animals or are a pet owner, please do it right or you may unknowingly become a cause for someone to take unbecoming actions against animals that have become pests in their neighbourhood.

You decide if that makes you an accomplice or a murderer if an animal is killed in the process. Also think about environment that is being polluted and the likelihood of water borne diseases spreading.

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