Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kidnap Scam

This is possibly a true story as some guidelines have been posted on link to Crime Prevention against such scams on the website of Singapore Police Force.

From My InBox:

important note from a friend to share with you........

A while ago heard that my friend's brother-in law's mother was cheated of RM350, 000. And today, this happened to me. Until now, when I think of it, I still feel numb all over. Only difference is that they did not manage to cheat my money.

This afternoon, I was still in the office on my computer when my handphone rang; I picked it up, but no answer on the other side. I hung up, but it rang again, I looked but there was no registered no. I picked up the phone and again no one on line. This happened for many many time. I did hear some soft voices of a few men on the other side but could not hear exactly what they were saying. This went on and on, my phone just did not stop ringing. Then I remembered what I've read in the newspapers and decided to call home. But I kept calling and could not get through to my house no. and no one picked up on my mother's handphone. Meantime, my handphone did not stop ringing. I was getting really worried and finally managed to get through to home and my mother picked up the phone. She was crying and kept asking me where I was. When I told her I was at the office, she would not believe me and I needed to reassure her that yes, I am in the office.

I found out that someone called my mother telling her that I've borrowed RM120, 000 from them and asked her to bring that money immediately for my release. They even had someone screaming at the side pretending to be me "Mum, I am xxxx, come save me quick"... My mother was so scared and the party kept my mother on the line with a lot of rubbish, refusing to let her hang up. Kept telling my mother to prepare the money to save me. Luckily I called home; otherwise my mother would have gone to prepare the money.

Please be careful.....

1. The cheaters thought that if they keep calling my handphone, I will really feel annoyed and switch off my handphone then my mother will not be able to contact me.

2. The cheaters must have also kept her on the phone all the time so as not to give her time to call me to confirm my safety. Please go home and tell your family that if they meet the same situation, do not worry, do not panic. Call around to check, many other phones you can use. If your handphone also ring non-stop like mine, do not switch off your handphone. Call home immediately to check. Let your family know that you are ok.

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