Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beware of Mat Rempits

From My InBox:

A colleague's brother..

An incident happened last night relating to my brother. He just finished work at around 1 am and was on his way home. He stopped at a traffic light and notice there were about 5 motorcycles (mat rempit) at the front. Suddenly one of the guys came down and walk next to his car. Next thing you know, he took out a rod and smash my brother's window (damaged as per. pic attached) intending to injured him and rob him of his belonging.

He was going for a second attempt when my brother managed to step on the accelerator and sped off. They did try to follow but gave up after a short attempt. My brother was lucky that the rod narrowly missed his head and avoided a serious or probably fatal injury.

This incident can happen to anyone...so please be careful especially when you are driving alone late at night which happens quite often during the upcoming peak.

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