Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 girls were missing last sunday...(Found)

Looking at this email I received, it was first forwarded by someone in April 2008. However, I discovered that it first appeared on Monday, September 19, 2005, posted on Maverick SM's blog.

It was posted again by Edric Hsu on his blog based on the same message which he received in Feb 2006. He wrote that he called the number given but it was not in service.

If the story is true, that means that the girls have been missing since 18 Feb September 2005. So, this case may have been closed but it has been circulating around since then.

Another search on the net showed another posting by "Days of Our Life" posted on Thursday, September 01, 2005, to inform that they have been found. Link to a newspaper article about this case is no longer valid and it is likely that this incident happened in Singapore.

From My InBox:

Dear Friends

My sister has lost two of her lovely daughters last Sunday and we are
very desperate to find them. Therefore I decided to forward out the mail
to all my friends and would appreciate that you can give us a helping

My nieces' details

Sarah Lai WanJun, 13 yrs old, about 160 cm Cory Lai Kai Li, 8 yrs old,
about 130cm

Please forward out this mail with all the pictures attached and keep a
look out if you have seen any of them. A million thanks to all

Diddy Lim

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Alpheus said...

Thanks for your post and blog. This email is still circulating now! and it is April 2010. I received it and was so concern. But when I google it I found your blog

Please keep this blog forever. . I think in another 5 years later this mail will still appear in somebody in box. Because the sender (usually one who forward without checking) would still forward without checking.