Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"I am a freesoul" challenge

I took on the freesouls 100 campaign call for help from Oliver Ding and this is my presentation.

I Am A Freesoul
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What's in your whirls?

This is my take:

Life's a swirl (Time passes very quickly)
Ride with the whirls (Go with the changes in life)
Peak on its twirls (Take on the challenges)

In surfers' lingo:

Life's a wave of swirls
Ride full on with the whirls (with commitment and intensity)
Hoot on its twirls (howling and yelping approval and encouragement to friends)
Be stoked (geared up, wound up, full of enthusiasm)
Rip it (to surf to the height of one's abilities or a strong under current)

How would you present this...

Freesouls 100 Introduction
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...and be included here?

Freesouls 100 - Master Deck
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Dear Nancy

I am sorry to send an email to you for asking help on freesouls 100 campaign.

The early of this month, I created Freesouls slideshow and freesouls group on Slideshare.net Many people like this idea. Last week, slideshare team asked me to make the group more fun. Then I got an idea called Freesouls 100, and run a mini freesouls 100 campaign to get answers about freesouls from 100 people. I wish I could create a new freesouls slideshow the style like original slideshow.

Now 8 peopel have submitted their answers with their pictures, and 92 more needed.

I'd like to ask you helping us spread

Many thanks!

About Oliver Ding

I am current working on a small web develop in Houston, I came to America from China in last year. Before 2008, I worked on raised money for start up from venture capital or IPO in China.

I have great interest on social web and non-profit projects.

Oliver Ding
email: swordi@gmail.com

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