Monday, September 1, 2008

Which came first? The chicken or egg?

This t-shirt design, "The Emergence of the Easter Egg" by Attila Szamosi, reminded me of a conversation my family members had over the dinner table as we were eating our eggs.

Which came first? The chicken or egg? And the answer is...

The Emergence of the Easter Egg - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

...the egg!

It is a conclusion that came from a group of experts that includes a philosopher, geneticist and chicken farmer and you can read it off "Chicken and egg question answered" posted on Guardian.

If you still cannot get the point after reading that article, let me try explaining it this way. Think about an Eurasian. The child is of mixed ancestry of an European and an Asian parent. The parents are not Eurasian though they are parents of one. But their sexual consummation resulted in the fertilization of an egg and that very egg, by its genetic composition, developed into an Eurasian child.

So, the egg came first. Got it?

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